What our clients say:

Atlassian Consulting

"After researching our options, it was clear that Comskil’s consultants had the expertise to not only complete our project expediently, but the professionalism which made them a trusted partner. Looking back, I continue to be impressed by their forethought in suggesting simple ideas which, have saved significant amounts of manpower and expense. Not only would I not hesitate to engage Comskil on a project again, I look forward to the opportunity to do so."

- Project Manager, Enova Financial Company

"The process workflows we defined with Comskil's guidance helped us expand from 35 to 100 engineers without growing pains."

- VP software, Communications Company

"The new process has raised the visibility within the projects, enabling our teams to deliver a higher quality products on time."

- Software Development Manager, Communications Company

Coaching & Organizational Development

“Coaching with Galina was a transformational experience for me. In the beginning, I doubted if there was anything that could be improved. I thought I was a good leader already! I was wrong! It changed me from a wishy-washy leader (anybody can do anything, avoiding confrontation and not clearly stating my goals and vision). I am now organized with my thoughts, my vision and my mission.”

- Usa B., DDS, Thai Crossing

“Through the coaching sessions, I worked on my insecurities and had ‘homework’…easy at first, but more challenging as I grew more confident. I was able to realize how to handle the “bad situations” without compromising my beliefs.”

- Christie J., Terma North America, Inc., Airborne Systems

“It was valuable to be able to talk honestly to [the coach] the way you would talk to yourself but even more so. She was able to guide my thinking process and helped me achieve clarity of the situation. I like the fact that [she] does not tell you what to do and does not impose her opinion. She shares observations, which helps achieve a sense of reality.”

- Albina S., Lockheed Martin

"I believe it is in every leader’s best interest and an organization’s best interest for a leader to seek to improve their leadership skills through coaching, mentoring, training and continual learning. To be successful, a leader must find the right coach or trainer that is a match.

As an experienced leader, I found the right match. I was fortunate enough to receive executive coaching that was second to none from Galina Knopman. Galina is truly a talented coach, mentor and trainer. During our coaching sessions, I felt she connected with my emotions as we discussed my past, future, career, dreams and family. We had so much in common, which allowed me to open up and share my inner thoughts about leadership, my organization and my family. In addition to our commonalities, I believe the connection was the result of Galina’s experience in the public sector, combined with her current experience in the private sector and our common interest to learn. Galina shared with me that she is a life-long learner which is one of her strengths, along with her strong desire to help people. She has helped me identify my potential as a leader.

Galina’s friends, customers and colleagues would describe her as trusted, business oriented, professional, dedicated, inspirational, intelligent, motivating, inspiring, and caring. Those are but a few words and phrases I too would describe Galina, but to me she is simply “Down To Earth.”"

- Willie D. Harris, Regional Director at United States Department of Agriculture APHIS Investigative and Enforcement Services


"Instructor took the time to fully and carefully answer my questions."

- John Hamilton, Program Manager, Ministry of Defense, UK

"Knowledgeable, good communicator, very dynamic, encourages participation, great class!"

- Michele Tart, Statistician, Naval Surface Warfare Center, NSWCDD, Dahlgren, VA

"The instructor was very good and she provided all of the answers to questions I had concerning CMMI. The instructor was on point in all stages of the course."

- Intro to CMMI student

"This was the best continuing education course I have ever attended. I don’t know if it’s because I’m better at focusing or what bit I have never been able to absorb knowledge as easily as I have with this class. Most likely it was the instructor."

- Student

"Excellent and compassionate instructor. Very perceptive to our group's needs."

- Leadership Workshop Student